HMS M.33

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HMS M.33 is not only the sole remaining British veteran of the bloody Dardanelles Campaign of 1915-1916, but also of the Russian Civil War which followed. The ship is one of just three British warships from World War I still in existence.
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HMS M33 was built in 1915 on the orders of the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill. She was a floating gun platform designed to bombard coastal positions from the sea. Her first active operation was the support of the British landings at Suvla during the Battle of Gallipoli in August 1915. She remained stationed at Gallipoli until the evacuation in January 1916. She served in the Mediterranean for the remainder of the War and was involved in the seizure of the Greek fleet at Salamis Bay in 1916.

"HMS M33 was part of a campaign that lost over 50,000 troops. Gallipoli was a hugely important part of World War I. We’ll be telling not just the story of the ship but of the entire campaign as well."Matthew Sheldon, Project Director

After the War, M33 was sent to Murmansk in Russia to relieve the North Russian Expeditionary Force before returning to Portsmouth to become a mine-laying training ship. She was renamed HMS Minerva

Pay a visit to HMS M33 as part of your annual ticket to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, get the kids involved and help the crew find HMS M33's cat, Miss Muggins.  

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From Monday 29 October 2018, HMS M.33 will operate at reduced opening times from 11.30am - 3.30pm daily.  

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