36 hours: Jutland 1916, The Battle That Won The War

This new blockbuster exhibition from The National Museum of the Royal Navy reveals the story behind the greatest naval battle in history. This year, 100 years on, everyone is going to be talking about the Battle of Jutland. Don’t miss out on this must-see exhibition at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience 36 Hours: Jutland 1916, The Battle That Won The War.
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The exhibition will run for 3 years, until Spring 2019.

The Battle of Jutland, in 1916, was the greatest naval battle ever involving 250 ships and 100,000 men. For each of those brave men, there’s a story to be told. Of their lives, their heroic actions in the heat of battle when, in a heartbeat lives were lost.and families left to grieve.

Now see the largest collection of Jutland artefacts ever assembled.

The greatest naval battle ever?
• Its scale: see the daunting view from the bridge and from the air
• Its human cost: meet the men and share their stories
• Bravery: see at least one rare Victoria Cross and be inspired
• First-hand accounts: read previously unseen diaries and letters from those involved
• Time to reflect 

Don’t miss highlights

Jack Cornwell – 16 years old, fought in the battle and died. Awarded a VC for bravery and buried in a pauper’s grave. After a national public outcry, he was buried with full military honours. A sketch of Cornwell by a well-known artist was saved for the nation. See it for the first time.

B98 Gun -  The Battle of Jutland was all about the big guns and their awesome power. The B98 gun, from the German destroyer, stands guard at the entrance.

Discover how Lord Nelson inspired the Admiral of the Fleet. Marvel at the small silver box that made its way from the Battle of Trafalgar to the cabin on HMS Lion.


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