Royal Marines Museum

At the Royal Marines Museum, housed in the historic Victorian barracks at Eastney, you will take a journey through 400 years of naval history. The Royal Marines are the Royal Navy’s elite fighting force, founded by Charles II in 1664 and have been at the forefront of conflicts, including the Battle of Trafalgar, both World Wars, the Falklands War and the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The museum houses a collection of paintings of naval heroes, battles and battleships, marine mascots and nearly 8,000 medals including ten Victoria Crosses. There are also personal stories, such as that of Hannah Snell, who ran away to sea in 1745, joined the Marines as a man, was wounded and received her pension as a woman.

"The museum is fantastic, a great collection and fitting for the amazing service and sacrifice that Royal marines make."Becky, Emsworth

This family-friendly museum has hands-on interactive games, simulators, sight, sound and touch experiences. Follow a Commando recruit through training and on to deployment around the world, creep through the jungle, take a trip down memory lane in the World War II home-front kitchen or experience World War I trench warfare on the western front. Finish your visit by climbing onboard the rigid raider and assault course and enjoy lunch in the award-winning Quartermaster’s Kitchen*.

*Please note: Quartermaster's Kitchen will close on 1st November 2015 

Eastney Esplanade, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO4 9PX

Just over 4 miles from the Dockyard

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