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Pirate life!

Pirate Life! KS1&2

History and Design Technology at Action Stations

This workshop gives students the opportunity to live the life of a pirate for the day by taking part in a treasure hunt, working together to build a mini pirate ship and learning all about the lives and adventures of famous pirates.

£8.00 per student.

Materials of The Mary Rose

Materials of The Mary Rose KS1&2

Tudor materials under the microscope

Work with real and replica artefacts to investigate Tudor materials and their properties. Were they fit for purpose? How do they compare with modern materials? Use digital microscopes to compare sample materials and see them in high definition!

Ship Shape and a Square Meal

Ship Shape and a Square Meal KS1&2

Science/Maths/Design and Technology at HMS Victory

Through a range of hands-on activities pupils discover what sailors ate and how they kept clean, learning about the importance of keeping a crew healthy. They compare the diet of sailors then to what we eat now and decide who is healthier.

£50 per 1 hour for up to 30 people.