Sailor Heroes – First World War

Sailor Heroes – First World War  KS3 & KS4

History at HMS M.33

Students explore and debate modern-day ideas surrounding heroism and combat. Through a variety of interactive activities focusing on artefacts, oral histories and primary sources linked to the First World War students work together to research and present their findings.

Discovery visit £4 per student + £50 per 1 hour workshops for up to 30 people. 

HMS M33 Science challenge

HMS M33 Science challenge  KS3

STEM at HMS M.33

Discover the science behind HMS M33 from the unique design and construction to discovering how the crew communicated at sea. Can science help explain how the ship managed to move in shallow waters? How was the ship designed for combat? Pupils will uncover the answers using scientific enquiry to test and evaluate their findings.  

Price: Discovery visit £4 per student + £80 per 2 hour workshop for up to 30 people

Tale of Two Ships

Tale of Two Ships  KS3

History at HMS M.33

From Trafalgar to World War 1! Inspire your class with this unique opportunity to visit two ships. Pupils will compare and contrast diet and living conditions for the crews and how technology has changed the way of life on board. Then discover more about the children who served the Royal Navy in times of war.  

Price: Discovery visits £6.50 per student + £50 per 1 hour workshop for up to 30 people

Life at Sea – Kitbag stories

Life at Sea – Kitbag stories  KS3

History (World War 1) at HMS M.33

Using our unique, multimedia HMS M33 kitbags, pupils investigate individual crew members and roles, handle artefacts and carry out investigative activities to learn about life on board. They then reflect on their findings to present an individual case study to the rest of the class.

Discovery visit £4 per student +£50 per 1 hour workshop for up to 30 people

Get Ready for Secondary!

Get Ready for Secondary! KS2 KS3

Get Ready for Secondary is aimed at Years 6 and 7 as they transition to secondary school. Students take part in a Royal Marines immersive experience aimed at developing confidence and building team working, communication and problem solving skills. Activities include taking part in a drill session, dressing up as a Royal Marine and working together in a Commando Challenge on the assault course.

Price: £4 per pupil

Science, Conservation & the Mary Rose

Science, Conservation & the Mary Rose KS3

Real chemistry and biology at work

How is science saving the Mary Rose for future generations? Use microscopes to examine wood cell structure and investigate the changes caused by 437 years under the sea. Handle real samples of Mary Rose wood and discover polyethylene glycol, the amazing designer polymer, which has given the ship back her strength.

Tudor Turning Points

Tudor Turning Points KS3

Pivotal moments in history

Use one of the Mary Rose cannons (featured in the British Museum’s 100 Objects for Teaching History) as a starting point for this evidence based enquiry. Handle replicas to investigate what the Mary Rose collection tells us about the tumultuous reign King Henry VIII. Explore evidence of change and continuity in church, state and society, 1509 – 1545.




Tudors vs Victorians

Tudors v Victorians Experience Day KS2&3

Two ships, two sites, 300 years

Combine the Mary Rose Museum with a visit on-board HMS Warrior 1860. Compare life across 300 years with activities at both venues. Use costume, artefact handling and role play to discover social life for different classes in Tudor and Victorian times. How much has changed and how much has remained the same?


HMS Victory

HMS Victory  KS3

History at HMS Victory

Students have a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and access the museum archives linked to HMS Victory, Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar. Through a series of investigative activities focused around these primary sources students will discover more about the ship, the battle and the men who served on board.

Price: Discovery visit £4 per pupil + £80 per half day for up to 30 people

Lights, Camera, Action...Stations!

Lights, Camera, Action...Stations! KS3&4

English at Action Stations

Students create their own film trailer or make a news broadcast using our green screen. Once it has been edited they will watch it in the Action Stations cinema, where their hard work really comes to life. This session can be adapted to focus on most topics or schemes of work.

£9.00 per student.

Maths and Science in Action

Maths and Science in Action KS3&4

Maths and Science at Action Stations

In this workshop pupils can explore how aerodynamics and ballistics are used in the design of modern shells.

The session starts with a short introduction to the science of ballistics and the history of artillery. Pupils then work in teams to construct their own shell to be fired from our compressed air cannon. Pupils will use data to predict the range and impact point of their shell.

Price: £10 per student

Rocket Workshop

Rocket Workshop

Science at Action Stations

Rocket building with a twist — test your students on the Wall Street Market rocket workshop and see how quick their financial business minds will work. Students will have to buy and sell materials in order to make their rockets. A test of nerve and skill whilst working as part of a team to achieve the best results.

Suitable for all Key Stages

£8.00 per student.

Information Communication & Technology

Information Communication & Technology 

Allow us to show you how this 1840s Boathouse was converted into an interactive tourist attraction. Students will learn about the hardware and software that goes into running our exhibits and displays on a daily basis. The behind the scenes tour offers an extensive insight into how technology had advanced and changed over the past decade and how a modern tourist attraction has to keep refreshed in order to stay up to date. Students will also take an in-depth look at our Laser Quest arena, exploring the technology that powers it and the ins and outs of the arena itself.  

Suitable for all Key Stages

£9.00 per student.

Leisure, Tourism, Marketing & Business

Leisure, Tourism, Marketing & Business KS3&4

Business at Action Stations

With talks and visits to both Action Stations and the Spinnaker Tower/Mary Rose Museum, students will take a look into the marketing, branding and customer service aspects of each business.

£12.00 per student.

Team Challenge

Team Challenge

Physical Education at Action Stations

Pupils work together in teams to complete different challenges that are scored to produce a winning team. There are a variety of challenges that can be adapted to the group – we will be happy to design a bespoke programme to suit.

All Key Stages

£8.00 per student.

Discovery Visits

Discovery Visits All

A Discovery Visit is a teacher-led, self-guided visit to one attraction within Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

£4.00 for 1 attraction, £6.50 for two attractions and £8.50 for three attractions per student.

GCSE History: Medicine and Health Thematic Study 1545 – 1871

The history of medicine 1545-1871 KS3&4

In conjunction with HMS Warrior

Work out the degree of change in surgery from Paré to Lister in this two-centre active study day, focusing on the role of war and individuals.
Put the Medical Renaissance in context at the Mary Rose Museum:
• See the unique collection of Tudor medical equipment
• Assess the extent of knowledge and skill of the surgeon of the Mary Rose
• Investigate the evidence of illnesses and injuries from the human remains found on the ship
• Role-play scenarios using replica artefacts and costumes. Marks awarded for historical accuracy!

What sank the Mary Rose? Experience Day

What sank the Mary Rose? KS3

Supported by Trinity House

An enduring mystery for history and science

Why did the Mary Rose really sink? Explore this continuing mystery in a two part cross-curricular workshop. Was she sunk by French gunfire? Was the ship unstable or overloaded? Were there other factors? Scrutinise the provenance of key sources and weigh the conflicting historical evidence. Test predictions relating to stability and load-bearing capacity of models. Use the scientific evidence to support or refute the theories.

Strictly Tudor Surgery

Strictly Tudor Surgery KS3&4

Renaissance medicine in action - History

Just how bad was Tudor medicine? How effective was the Mary Rose surgeon? Use costumes and replica artefacts as props, role-play the surgeon and his patients in scenarios based on the Mary Rose crew. Medical practice must be strictly Tudor!

Tudor History Mystery

Tudor History Mystery KS3&4

Contribute to the ongoing debate

Why did the Mary Rose sink and why is she so significant? Use historical skills to engage with a genuine debate comparing conflicting primary sources on the sinking of the ship before voting for the most likely theory. How many mystery replica artefacts can you identify? What does this amazing collection reveal about Tudor life?

Tudor Gun Drill

Tudor Gun Drill KS2

Battle plans and cannon fire

Two part challenge: (1) Have you got what it takes to work as a Tudor Gun Crew? What would it be like on board in the heat of battle? In small teams load and fire our full-size replica gun in the museum.
(2) Think big! In teams, plan a strategy to attack or defend Portsmouth Harbour in 1545 with ships, castles and soldiers using a contemporary map. Can you change history?

Guided Tours

Guided Tours KS3&4

Tours are subject to availability and must be booked in advance. Please note that students must be accompanied by their group leader or teacher.

£15 per 1 hour tour (+ £3.55 per student admission charge) Maximum 15 students per tour.

Discovery Visits

Discovery Visits All

A Discovery Visit is a teacher-led, self-guided visit to one attraction within Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

£4.00 for 1 attraction, £6.50 for two attractions and £8.50 for three attractions per student.

Curriculum Enrichment Days

Curriculum Enrichment Days KS3&4

English, History or Drama at HMS Warrior

An active study day comprising of a variety of workshops to inspire and engage students. Prior to your visit we will contact you to discuss the objectives for the day and will then plan and deliver a bespoke programme of activities.

£8.00 per student (minimum 20 students).

Introductory Talks

Introductory Talks KS3&4

History at HMS Warrior

These ‘lecture’ style introductory talks include time for questions and answers. Please note, students must be accompanied by their teacher or group leader.

£5 per student (minimum 15 students) for 30 mins (incl. Discover Visit).

Social Class in Victoria's Navy

Social Class in Victoria's Navy KS3&4

History at HMS Warrior

This workshop introduces students to the Victorian class system as experienced onboard HMS Warrior. Object handling activities and guided visits to the officers’ cabins and wardroom provide clear evidence of the differences in living and working conditions.

£7 per student for 2 hours (incl. Discover Visit).

Slavery Through Objects

Slavery Through Objects KS3

History at the NMRN

This session allows students to explore and debate the wider issues and human stories behind slavery. Using artefacts and sources, students work together to explore both the rise and fall of the Slave Trade and the Royal Navy’s role in it.

£50 per 1 hour workshop for up to 35 pupils

Discovery Visits

Discovery Visits ALL

A Discovery Visit is a teacher-led, self-guided visit to one attraction within Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

£4.00 for 1 attraction, £6.50 for two attractions and £8.50 for three attractions per student.